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slideshare feature

What Does it Take Get Your Slide Deck Featured on SlideShare?

If you haven’t attempted taking advantage of SlideShare’s 70 million monthly visitors, then it’s about time you stopped wasting time and get on it! SlideShare is a segment of LinkedIn, and if you know anything about LinkedIn, you know that the most active members are business people. For an online…
clickbait titles

Why These 7 Factors Will Explain Why You Clicked This Title

Recently, I’ve been thinking--the time I spend online is perhaps only 50% productive. The remaining hours I’m either on Facebook, watching videos of cute animals on YouTube or doing a Buzzfeed quiz to try and figure out what food best matches my personality. It’s sushi, by the way. As a…
addictive content

How We Got 46 Experts To Share Their Exclusive Tips For Addictive Content [INFOGRAPHIC]

"Addictive Content" is the new term for 2016 that all content marketers need to pay attention to. Creating consistent and engaging content is no longer enough, it needs to become addictive- a drug that can't be dropped. Is there a formula or a recipe for creating this type of content? Who better…
make great infographics

How You Can Make A Great Infographic Without A Designer

You’ve been reading plenty of blog posts and noticed that everyone is making use of infographics. They seem to perform very well and you can’t help but wonder if you should be incorporating infographics into your own content marketing. The only issue is, you don’t have a huge budget, so…
SEO Infographic

Can you boost your SEO with an infographic?

Everyone knows that one of the best ways to boost your SEO is with quality backlinks on reputable sites. But actually acquiring these types of solid links can be excruciatingly difficult, especially if you are a smaller company or a start-up (and if you’re a start-up, then you need those…