If you’re a small business owner, you are probably always thinking about your business.

So don’t forget about it this Black Friday, or you will miss out on some great deals and savings. 

Below I have rounded up 20+ of my favorite Black Friday deals on software, subscriptions and more! 

With some of these deals you can save over 300 bucks! So let’s get into it! 


Business Software Black Friday Deals


1. 40% Off Venngage Business Plan

20+ Black Friday Software & Subscription Deals For Small Businesses

Save over $300 this year by signing up for the Venngage Yearly Business Plan on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Create professional-looking infographics, presentations, reports, and more on Venngage, with no design experience required.

20+ Black Friday Software & Subscription Deals For Small Businesses

Sign up for Venngage today to access Venngage’s Yearly Business Plan for only $280 with the code BLKFRDY19 or by clicking here. 

This code can be used anytime between now and December 6th! 


2. Microsoft Office Home & Student for $99

20+ Black Friday Software & Subscription Deals For Small Businesses11

Want to work on your projects or assignments from home? You’re probably going to need the home version of Microsoft Office.

It’s not as robust as the professional suite but includes Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint. 

Save $50 at Staples on Microsoft Office Home & Student this year.   


3. 50% Off Nimble Business Plan 

20+ Black Friday Software & Subscription Deals For Small Businesses16

Keeping up with all of your emails sometimes feels like a second job in itself. I know I spend many hours each week trying to get to Inbox Zero and following up with associates. 

Nimble is here to help you conquer your emails with a CRM that lives in your Gmail or Outlook accounts. 

Use the codes BLACKFRIDAY50 and CYBERMONDAY50 to save 50% for the first year


4. Up to $200 Off Quickbooks 2020

20+ Black Friday Software & Subscription Deals For Small Businesses8

Struggling to keep all your finances in order this year? QuickBooks can help your business out. 

As you can see in the image above, there are a ton of features you can take advantage of in Quickbooks 2020. Almost too many to list, so be sure to check out which plan is right for you on their website.  

Get up to $200 off Quickbooks 2020 this year at Best Buy on Black Friday.  


5. 40% off CloudWays For 3 Months

20+ Black Friday Software & Subscription Deals For Small Businesses18

The good people at CloudWays are offering a massive 40% discount on hosting for the first 3 months. This deal also includes free data migration, customer support, and more.

Hosting costs can really add up quickly for a lot of business, so this discount could really help some brands start the year on the right foot.

If your business has outgrown your current cloud hosting platform, I would give them a try this Black Friday for 40% off.


6. $99 Infinity Lifetime Plan

20+ Black Friday Software & Subscription Deals For Small Businesses15

Get more done and increase the efficiency of your team with a work management tool in 2020. 

With a tool like Infinity, you can quickly see exactly what everyone is working on. As well as plan future projects, outline an idea, build out a workflow, or just organize your life. 

Use Infinity forever, for only $99 this Black Friday! That is a heck of a deal and some nice wordplay.


7. 50% off the first 3 months of SalesFlare

20+ Black Friday Software & Subscription Deals For Small Businesses5

Collect, share and use all the data in your CRM quickly with SalesFlare. With their many automated features, you can spend less time on background work and more on selling your business to customers. 

SalesFlare can be used with Gmail, Office 365, Exchange, iCloud, PieSync and more!

To get 50% off your first 3 months of SalesFlare use the code BLACKFRIDAY19.


8. 30% Off 3 Months Of HelpNinja

20+ Black Friday Software & Subscription Deals For Small Businesses1

What if I told you that you support all your customers using just your Gmail account and HelpNinja? Sounds pretty great right.

This tool is perfect for small businesses that don’t have a lot of time to learn a new system or integrate it into their workflows. If you can send an email, you can use HelpNinja. 

And best of all to your customers it just looks like you are talking to them over a regular email chain.  Sign up this Black Friday to get 3 months of HelpNinja for 30% off! 


9. 50% Off HR Partner Plans

20+ Black Friday Software & Subscription Deals For Small Businesses10

Once you hit a certain point, your business is going to need official HR processes, rules, and procedures. There just becomes too much info, data, and more for someone to keep track of on their own. 

If your business has grown to that point, I would recommend trying HR Partner. They will give you all the fancy features that other HR tools have, without costing an arm and a leg.

Get up to 50% off HR Partner plans on this Black Friday.


10. 30% Off Reply.io Business Plans

20+ Black Friday Software & Subscription Deals For Small Businesses3

Find, nurture, and communicate with leads no matter where they are using Reply.io.

The Reply platform helps companies automate their prospecting, outreach, and more across multiple marketing channels. 

This automation will help your team focus on what really matters, the customers. And lead to deals being closed a lot faster in 2020. 

Get 30% Off Reply.io Business Plans on Black Friday this year.



Marketing Software Black Friday Deals


11. 50% Off For New EmailOctopus Users 

20+ Black Friday Software & Subscription Deals For Small Businesses6

We have been using EmailOctopus for the last few years, so, unfortunately, we can’t take advantage of this deal. I think we might have even been one of the early beta testers actually.

That said, you should still use the discount because it’s a great way to scale up your email marketing in 2020. Within a few minutes, you can have a fully automated email campaign ready to go with EmailOctopus. 

New users can get 50% on Black Friday, and I would definitely recommend taking advantage of it. 


12. 60% Off NinjaOutreach Pro Yearly Plans

20+ Black Friday Software & Subscription Deals For Small Businesses13

Look, I get it, finding new influencers or marketing partners is hard these days. And once you find the partners, managing them all can become a nightmare in itself. 

So find, contact and track your influencer marketing campaigns this year with NinjaOutreach.

They are giving us all a 60% discount on all NinjaOutreach Pro Yearly Plans on Black Friday. 


13. 20% Off All SocialPilot Memberships

20+ Black Friday Software & Subscription Deals For Small Businesses4

Save up to $20 each month on all of the SocialPilot memberships. It doesn’t matter if you are a small or massive team, SocialPilot will help you manage, schedule and scale up your social media marketing in 2020. 

Best of all, it looks like that 20% off discount never really expires. So you will get that discount for as long as you use the service! 


14. 40% Off mintWP Plans

20+ Black Friday Software & Subscription Deals For Small Businesses20

WordPress powers most of the internet these days. The blog that you’re reading this on runs on WordPress too. Its greatness is only matched by how hard it is to use it sometimes. 

mintWP will help you never run into those problems again by managing, updating and maintaining your WordPress sites from afar. 

This Black Friday they are offering up to 40% off mintWP all plans with the code BF2019


15. 50% Off 3 Months Of StatsGlitch

20+ Black Friday Software & Subscription Deals For Small Businesses9

Let’s be honest, Google Analytics is great but it can be a little overwhelming sometimes. Especially if your company has thousands of diverse pages to track every day.

With this many pages sometimes a small metric change can go unnoticed but compound over time. Other times, it’s a massive change could threaten your business. 

As you probably know, both of those situations aren’t ideal. That’s why StatsGlitch is here to alert you of any changes in your Google Analytics with real-time monitoring and alerts. Save 50% off 3 months of StatsGlitch this Black Friday.


16. 50% Off Awario Plans

20+ Black Friday Software & Subscription Deals For Small Businesses2

People could be talking about your company on any number of sites or social media platforms. 

If you’re not tracking those in 2020, you might be missing out on some potential new customers or evangelists. 

Awario will alert you anytime your business is mentioned on social media or the internet. And this year they are giving all new users 50% off their plans. 



Lifestyle Black Friday Deals


17. $90 off your first 4 HelloFresh boxes

20+ Black Friday Software & Subscription Deals For Small Businesses12

Let’s face it, not everyone has time to plan and prepare a meal every night. Even if you do, you’re probably wiped out by the end of the day after running your small business. 

But with HelloFresh they make cooking easy by delivering everything you need to cook a meal from scratch in perfect portions. They do the planning, the prepping and more, saving you a ton of time and effort. 

Save $90 on your first 4 HelloFresh boxes by signing up today! And take back dinner time. 


18. 90%+ Off All Courses on Udemy

20+ Black Friday Software & Subscription Deals For Small Businesses17

Want to learn something new this year to help grow your small business? Udemy probably has a course on it. 

And if you want to save a bundle, buying one of those courses on Black Friday is the way to go. Basically, every course in their library is 12.99 until further notice! 

This means you can save hundreds of dollars on business courses like the Business Intelligence Analyst Course 2019, or the Complete Data Science Bootcamp.


19. 25% off Driftaway Coffee 

20+ Black Friday Software & Subscription Deals For Small Businesses7

Upgrade your coffee game this year with some help from the sustainable roasters at Driftaway Coffee. 

Each month they send you some a new batch of beans from across the world. And they super transparent, meaning you know exactly where your coffee is coming from. 

Coffee makes a perfect gift for your coworkers as well, especially excellent coffee like this. Use the code BF2019 to get 25% off annual gift subscriptions and 10% off all other coffee gifts.  


20, $60 Spotify Gift card for $51

20+ Black Friday Software & Subscription Deals For Small Businesses14

Use this slight discount to block out a noisy office or coffee using, in my opinion, the best music streaming app.

Spotify usually doesn’t do any big Black Friday deals for existing users. So this discount on a gift card might be your best bet to get your music fix for a little cheaper than normal. Check out this excellent deal at Best Buy on Black Friday. 


21. $50 off your first four orders from Freshly

20+ Black Friday Software & Subscription Deals For Small Businesses19

Freshly is a great alternative to HelloFresh if you don’t even want to worry about cooking.  Each week they deliver new recipes prepared by pro chefs in ready to heat packages. All you have to do is pop it in the microwave and you are set.

If you’re struggling to each healthy at work, or after work, these meals might be perfect for you.  

Use the code BF50 to get $50 off your first four orders from Freshly.



That’s all we have for now but we will add more deals periodically until Black Friday. And update the list for Cyber Monday as well!