If you haven’t attempted taking advantage of SlideShare’s 70 million monthly visitors, then it’s about time you stopped wasting time and get on it!

SlideShare is a segment of LinkedIn, and if you know anything about LinkedIn, you know that the most active members are business people. For an online marketer, this group is of extremely high value, because they are the most likely to engage with your “boring” marketing related content.

Let me give you an example of the vast potential you are missing out on by not publishing content to SlideShare.

Eugene Cheng is what I would like to call a SlideShare pro. Over the past 3 years he has gotten over 2 million views across 16 of his SlideShare presentations. Just from SlideShare he gets 400 new email leads a month. Again, that’s just from one social platform.

Now I’m going to let you in on a little secret. I actually have no idea how to prosper on SlideShare. Apparently it doesn’t just come down to publishing a deck and waiting for the traffic to roll in. If you really want to make use of SlideShare’s organic traffic, you’ll have the best luck by .

Another thing to keep in mind, is you get a lot of views from other people embedding your presentations on their own blogs, but how does that happen? Well you need people to see your SlideShare. How do they see your SlideShare? By visiting the homepage…

See what I’m getting at?

Rather than testing out the process for myself, and doing real work, I thought I would just ask people who have succeeded in the past.

Here are the exclusive tips I gathered from 13 SlideShare experts:


SlideShare Infographic