Past Events

September 2016, Seattle

MozCon Ignite

“How to Start An Underground Restaurant in Your Home”

April 2017, Boston

Content Marketing Conference

“12 Principles of Really Great Content”

July 2017, Toronto

Technology Alliance of Ontario

“How to Find a Digital Marketing Channel That Works for You”

September 2017, Boston


“How to Create Epic Social Media Visuals”

October 2017, Toronto

Theatre Ontario

“Social Media Presence Workshop”

October 2017, Toronto

Producer’s Seminar

“How to Market Yourself if You’re Not a Marketer”

November 2017, Chicago

Content Jam

“12 Principles of Viral Content”

Upcoming Events

March 2018, St. Louis

Midwest Digital Marketing Conference

“12 Principles of Viral Content”

April 2017, Phoenix

ACT-W National Women in Tech Conference

“12 Principles of Viral Content”

April 2017, Seattle

Digital Summit Seattle

“12 Principles of Viral Content”

April 2017, Las Vegas

MicroConf Growth Edition

“12 Principles of Viral Content”

May 2018, Boston

Comedy Marketing Conference

“6 Tips for Growth Hacking Your Influence”

May 2018, Boston

Content Marketing Conference

“12 Principles of Viral Content”

Sept 2018, Cleveland

Content Marketing World

“12 Principles of  Contagious Content”

Videos and Previous Talks

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